OphthalmologyIf you have ever had an eye exam, a trained optometrist or ophthalmologist has done the work. Optometry focuses on the visual system treating diseases and conditions that affect the anatomy and physiology of the eye. What this means is that an optometrist takes care of both visual and medical care for the eye. They are specialists in dealing with multiple eye diseases and conditions.

Optometry Training and Education

Becoming an Optometrist requires a 4 year optometry degree like other branches of medicine. Some optometrists can undergo additional training if they choose and focus on a specialty within the field.

Optometrists training covers the entire spectrum of eye care. Optometrists are trained to do thorough eye exams to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, offer medical treatment for assorted eye problems, and co-manage complex and delicate eye surgeries for qualified candidates with Ophthalmologists. They also take an active role in conducting scientific research on eye diseases and other serious vision problems. Optometrists work to uncover causes behind these things and find cures.  Often, optometrists and ophthalmologists will work together to provide complete eye care for a patient.


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